Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Prince (Jonathon), by Francine Rivers

I am a book-aholic! I am finally at a point in life that I can once again have my nose buried in several great reads simultaneously! I have worked my way thru the Women of Faith series by Francine Rivers (my wording... might not be exact). Those five books were excellent reads as they give the life and culture of the time of Biblical events. I'll blog about these later.

What else was awesome is that most of these books in her series have coincided with my daily Bible reading. This has enhanced my comprehension of what was problematic for our spiritual family back in their day.

I just completed the 3d book in the Sons of Encouragement series: The Prince. This was written by Francine Rivers. Here are a few points I wanted to capture in order to come back at a later date for Bible lessons, Object lessons, and perhaps someday, for getting published.

p10 You have courage - I just want you to live long enough to have good sense.

(don't we all say something along these lines to our kids? And doesn't the LORD say the same to us!)

p140 Where did his father come by such knowledge and confidence? It could only come from the Lord God.

(this was written about Jonathon's thoughts about his farmer dad, who became Israel's first king.)

p106 {future Object Lesson} "Maybe someday," David sighed. "My father said the law is too much to learn and takes too much time away from the sheep." Jonathon remembered how his own father had preferred plowing fields rather than digging into the scriptures.

(this was said in regards to doing the will of man, instead of the will of our Father.)

p152 The law broke his heart and burned his soul. It did not say the father had to be worthy to be honored... the law says that we must show honor to the father and mother.

('nuf said)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Passover; Part II

This year what really hit me hard was the 9th Plague, the Plague of Darkness. I have read that this type of darkness is almost a moist feeling. One in which you truly cannot ever see your hand in front of your face. A darkness that is so pitch black that your eyes will never adjust. Even if you were to try to light a candle, the light would be puffed out. There is no oxygen in this air. There is NO LIGHT!

This is what the darkness was like during the three hours of darkness at the death of Christ. Completely devoid of Light. Are you making the connection?

This is what it is like without God ~ the Father, God ~ the Son, and God ~ the Holy Spirit. Complete darkness. No way of knowing where you are going. No way of seeing the way. No way of having the Son shine upon you. Without God, we are in darkness. However, with God, we walk in the Light.

I John 1/7 "If we walk in the Light, as He is in the Light, we have fellowship one with another. And the blood of Jesus cleanses us from ALL sin."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Object Lesson: Passover

Tonight I held a Seder Dinner and finely tweeked a child's Haggadah (telling of the Passover story) for the object lesson for Ladies' Bible Class (LBC). It was so sweet to have my 4 kiddos come with me to set it up prior to class! They love doing the Passover each year at home with family and guests. And this year's preparation was even more thrilling. Charlie wanted to know what each item was for. He was definitely the "wise child" that is discussed during the Haggadah. I didn't get pix - but I'll take some this Sunday, as it is Passover then, and I'll be doing this for Hannah and Grace's class. I'm super tired right now - so I'll post more about the points in this story that really hit me this year. That's what I love about the Bible and studying God's plan for my life. Each time I read passages something new will pop out and hit me upside the head for that "Ah-ha" moment! I had a few this time around. More later when it's not so late.

Next Year in the New Jerusalem!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Object Lesson: Where is Your Gethsemane?

On March 19, 2008, Ashlea M presented her object lesson. Ashlea is a senior in high school who has decided to move up to the Ladies' Bible Class, and I really have taken a liking to her! Anyway, she surprised us all by signing up to do two (2) object lessons for this quarter! Her first one was on having a quiet place to pray. She had attended a convention where the speaker suggested finding a quiet "closet" to pray (his was the bathroom... mine is the shower!!! I can't hear the many interruptions my kiddos 'plague' me with, with the water running!) Anyway, she was precious in her detailing how she couldn't get beyond a bathroom (she may some day when she's a mother!) Well, she brought out this beautiful antique prayer shawl from the Renaissance Days that her future dh aunt gave to her for Christmas! Let me say I was doing my best to not covet this gorgeous garment! She explained that she carries this in her school backpack and will at least hold it in her hands while in prayer. Having her hands busy handling the garment keeps her focused on her talk with God. Many of the ladies joined in the discussion on how and where they find their quiet sanctuary to spend the deep one-on-one with our Abba Father. We all agreed that we're like Riptivia (sp) on Fiddler on the Roof and are in constant communication with our Lord. However, when we *do* stop our world, where is the place we find solitude? Christ had the Garden of the Gethsemane upon the Mount of Olives... where is your Gethsemane?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

In the Shadow of His Wings

For some time I've considered creating this blog as a journal of my walk with my Abba Father. It amazes me to stop my world from spinning and see the Hand of God in every aspect of my life. I love my Lord and Savior. I love 'chasing the rabbits', as my dad would say! By that I mean finding a thread in the Bible and seeing where it takes me. I'm excited to start jotting down the places I've been! The journeys are often perilous when man goes at them alone. However, when man reaches out to the Creator, his life is settled. That doesn't necessarily mean that the path is made smooth. It means that his path is not walked on all alone, for HE is there.

At our congregation I head up the Ladies' Bible Class study on Wednesday nights. We do a series of 13 weeks at least once a year on "object lessons." These could be considered parables. As Christ took an everyday object, such as a mustard seed as he was standing in a field of mustard flowers, and turned it into a life lesson, this is what we are doing, too! While in the beginning I had many voice their concerns over this new and foreign format, now I hear the excitement that each week brings as someone brings forth their 'parable.' To see the growth in the Lord that is taking place in these ladies' lives is eternally priceless.

Part of my goal is to record the object lessons that others have done in order to share with others how they, too, can find the Lord in everyday objects! And part of my goal is to trace the steps He's taken me!